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we are collaborative and engaged in our work with and for your school, throughout the admissions and enrollment process. We understand your needs and build our software to help you reach your goals.

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Parent Alert App - Allows administrators to send alerts from school, home or on the road without accessing a computer.

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Lakkiskool Application started as a tools company building a grid component for cross-platform development. That was largely before the internet made its debut. We became interested in database applications and the user interfaces (GUI) needed to allow users to interact with the data. We built an integrated development environment for rapid database application development. We actually developed a markup language used to define database applications at about the same time HTML (also a markup language) was being specified.

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We love to work 24/7 in the floor with ease and energy finding in the development. We are here just to fulfill the requirement whatever our clients needed in various ways. Always find us if you needed cent percent qualitative workflow in terms of development and designing your web and print media. Here is the few customers list as we are still continuing working with them.

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